Liberty Café

Liberty Café at Glasmoog, Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Liberty Café brings together partners and allies from all over the world to share ideas and features speakers who discuss current topics. BTTP hosts a platform to experts and multiplicators, bringing expertise and informed debate to the public discussion.


Evening Events 6 pm

Monday, 28.1.2013: Private Monday (Members Only)

Tuesday, 29.1.2013: Transnational Tuesday, Keynote: BTTP 

Wednesday, 30.1.2013: Open Wednesday, Keynote: Detlef Hartmann

Thursday 31.1.2013: Think Tank Thursday, Keynote: Michael Hirsch

Friday: 1.2.2013: Friedman Friday, Keynote: Rupert Gaderer

Saturday, 2.2.2013: round table BTTP

NEW! Friday: 1.2.2013, 11:30 am: Ulrich Müller/LobbyControl

This January, in Cologne, Germany, Liberty Café offers high quality espresso at Glasmoog, Academy of Media Arts Cologne. We are extremely glad towards your assistance in patronizing Freedom and Liberty and we appreciate your contributions and new ideas to improve the world every afternoon from January 28th to February 3rd 2013. 

The Better Think Tank Project (BTTP) is an ongoing series of local and research-based interventions by Manuela Unverdorben and Ralf Homann dealing with the phenomenon of (neoliberal) "think tanks" and their networks: Research of their achievements, as well as the reflection of their hidden agenda, focusing on their aesthetic appearances, cultural influence, production of knowledge and economisation of life-conditions. Combining facts and fiction, language, corporate designs and events from existing free-market oriented think tanks with new contents, this becomes the starting point for a better understanding and critique.

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